Reaching Self Actualisation

So its been a little less than 2 yrs, from meeting ends, to surviving, to existing, to living by myself, its been a fun roller-coaster. And I wouldn't change anything if I had to...

From that untimely night returning back home to find a domestic deluge (due to a faucet burst) Yes yes, all this just when your feet are numb in retail paralysis. Or just when you thought Ghosts never existed, but this one night with the rustling of the leaves & some plodding noise, you're just so damn sure that they do & only a 4 am call to your dad can convince you they don't.

Nights when you do think someone has broken into your apartment because of some random noises of banging doors... Or in times when there is a huge thunder storm, almost shattering glasses, & you're thinking its your last only to wake up with a feeling of shame at one's illusions.

Above all, nothing like an insect to make u reach the self-actualization stage in Maslow's Hierarchy... making you re-consider why you've made the decisions you made, at the cost of this fateful night... were these decisions worth this night?

Or reasoning with the very existence of one's self (with an insect in the same apartment) Or judging your own will (will to take a shoe & smack something in one go) Then drifting to lives of butchers & their work profile... Then again coming back to your self... Thanking the lord (for not having made the self a butcher) & then thanking him for not having a round of interview to judge one's capabilities & fear before being entrusted with a responsibility only before putting you in front of insects.... Thank Recruiters for that, that would've made life unfair...  Finding the reason of being (an insect's being & all other insects in the world) thinking of co-existence (with an insect)... Reaching self actualization...

Only until you can no longer find the insect... That's when hell breaks lose, & you make your area a fortress & move-on... Just like in Life, we move on... So much!!! just from an insect, that's what they were made for... So that we Move On.


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