Indignation makes some people resentful but for me, it makes me more tolerant, if not, mature.

Indignation of your inability (& your innate Libran handicap) to say no, indignation of defending people for their mistakes & owning up to theirs, indignation of implicit male chauvinism, indignation of plagiarism, indignation of putting up a brave front when you’re just as vulnerable as anyone your age, indignation of having to empathize with a sinner, indignation of Not having a social life yet encouraging others to have their own, indignation of being perceived as the stereotype that comes with your post graduation degree(something they forgot to tell us in MBA school), indignation of stinging words that are the outcome of an angered tongue, indignation of wasting those days that you’re not working, in paying your bills, indignation of facing the wrath of bed bugs, that have feasted upon your blood, enough to inspire a George RR Martin book (A feast for crows bed bugs).            

But, with all this indignation comes pride, & I could well be featured on the cover of Forbes… emotionally rich list. Looks like someone up there wasn’t convinced that I knew the meaning of 'indignation', and so wanted to make sure I learnt it the hard way. Hope they’re now convinced. Indignation, is indeed a beautiful word, faced by many but overcome by few...

Here's introducing you to one of my favourite victims of indignation, Tim. (The Life and Times of Tim)


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