Started from the bottom we're here... at 20k+ pageviews

Although I believe 20000 is just a number, it was enough to inspire me to break my writer’s block.

In an era where smileys speak louder than words, it goes to say that graphic content is very alluring and so, with much indignation I believe the struggle is real for personal blogs, unlike it is for fashion blogs or beauty blogs which rapidly catch on, since they’re high on pictures. Also fashion bloggers can gauge the response on their blog, for instance if a viewer on a fashion blog comments ‘where can I get a piece of this xyz thing?' the blogger at least knows they’re doing something right. But in personal blogs, nobody gives a chapatti for comments... better to realize that soon enough

Looking back, a quick glimpse at my blog & I realize it is a metaphor of my evolution in the past 5 yrs. Right from excessively varying fonts, unaligned text, excited-teen-travel posts, eulogies for pop stars (that I now cringe at), shooting obsessive pictorial videos (aka channeling my inner Tom Cruise delusions) & some emo-posts thrown in here and there, to the now more impersonal (if not less cheeky) posts, it is only a deeper extraction of my psychological growth. The 'more impersonal' nature of my posts come with prudence gathered over these years of my existence in the virtual world. You know you don’t want a person like me at the behest of social media platforms. 

 a celebratory toast to all my page viewers & 


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