Life has changed manifold since the last post. Looking back, days went by in minutes.

The Queen celebrated her 60th anniversary while somewhere someplace Cheyenne'11 celebrated its 10th. Instagram has made the world a smaller place (literally, with its 1:1 size). Rupee weakened against the dollar nonetheless I shopped, the US economy has improved and it happened in that order. Segways are introduced in India. Did you say 4Lakhs?! Somehow buying a ticket to Germany, renting it for 15Euros/hour, returning back gives me more utility. Leisure is now a luxury while day dreaming is no longer an option. 

Lessons learned. When asked, talking about yourself is boring. At the same time, summing up 20yrs of your life under the scrutiny of judgemental eyes,  in words that could give a complex to Obama is no less challenging. And then the lesser important ones like, the fake Longchamp bags doing the rounds is blasphemy to a loyalist. And whichever fashion guru said ‘wear what you feel’ certainly hasn’t tasted felt ecstasy. Cause when you’re happy and you feel like:

you end up like Warhol art. And when pop art fails to be understood you’re most likely to be mistaken for a traffic cop. 
Then again that rekindles my fantasy of becoming a traffic cop in Europe... it is in Europe that cops get to ride Segways on duty.

Talking about delusional people whom I don’t know, why do they blame everything on religion?! It wasn’t scientology… Tom and I can vouch for it… where do you think I was? ...all this while 


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