Keeping up with the Kashyaps

Ya, me & my sister are going to have our own reality show, the indian media has become inquisitive what with so many co-incidences such as my sister sharing her birthday with Kim... we've got an offer to sell photo rights of our marriages to an indian tabloid well in advance... they've taken it upon themselves to find the grooms... even better.
The title is an influence of the recurring nature of Ks in ms.Kashyap at Kochi in Kerala while the former was just her, kidding.

Never mind I missed my much sought after icon, Anna Dello Russo just by a week, I was still looking forward to Kerala. For a north Indian going down south is an adventure in itself especially if months of tedious monotony(read: an arduous cycle of waking up to worldly pursuits & going to sleep) have tired her.

So I was back again in this exciting place. The cinema leaves me inquisitive & the food is sumptuous leaving me ravenously appetitive...

Inconsistent as it may sound but ships in Kochi go to & fro like it’s nobody’s business!
The continuous flow of integrated logistics all through the night, quite apparent from my window had me rapt. I was busy counting ship containers being lifted by cranes as tall as buildings. How something as mechanical could be this beautiful! Then again here was someone who had gotten away from arduous monotony.

All that glitters…
There is a feeling of exuberance in witnessing women extravagantly buying gold which can’t be shared otherwise. Karl Lagerfeld would understand. Which again makes me realize how i love jewelry unconditionally!

Glad to be born an Indian for there are few places in the world where a woman can get away with wearing opulent amounts of gold in such great taste. Hats off to them, it takes great skill to select that design which complements you a 100% amongst a variety of others that are a 0.01% less complementary. Yes, those are the odds...

We’re at the end of this post & there's… karl lagerfeld, ships, anna dello russo, gold, logistics, percentages… sigh… all in 1 post. No it’s not confusion...

'It is one hell of a holiday'


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