Heaven is a place on earth with you

Mind you these are things which I’m normally shy to discuss in person but then blogging serves the purpose, the only thing I’ve to face is a screen. So I thought it’s time to put my rather questionable hobby to some productive use which can also be described as this borderline obsession over Tom Cruise. I’m going through this delusional phase. I’d like to believe that this too shall pass.

After all… we’re just good friends

Prom nights & all the fanfare that goes in dressing up for it… nah! Somehow I’m not carved out to be that girl who falls for that pretty boy whose love story ends just when he asks you out. And it’s better left that way. Now I believe that life has more meaning when you’re going on an adrenaline rushing adventure with Ethan Hunt climbing buildings & jumping off them with élan even while the harness gives way or a grenade has been set off. Nonchalance my dear, is attractive.

I find more meaning in setting out for a mission difficult impossible (difficult should be a cakewalk)

Life is not perfect. And man errs(sexist, I know) So eventually there’s a glitch in everything we do, but it is only spontaneity & presence of mind that can save us even in the most dangerous situations. For eg. Someday when you’re important enough to be chasing the Interpol, throwing yourself at a train may seem a better option. Then there are people like Ethan Hunt. He will chase the Interpol & win them back with such agility and grace.

So, I guess my calling is in being an espionage agent & indulging in some daredevilry. Don’t mistake me for the girl who wants a superhero at her dispense. I want to accompany the superhero in these missions. I want to be an equal. I want to be Shyan Hunt.

What you’re about to see is in interest of my unhealthy infatuation.


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