Letting go...

The hardest thing in life is not growing up but letting go. Nobody can teach you how to let go. Not that the former can be taught either, but atleast it can be more or less left to nature.

letting go of dreams, of habits, of inhibitions! You question your chase for an enticing moon which  on closer look is plain rock...

What is eating you up from inside are a million re-considerations, to know that you’ll have to get used to a ‘change’ is the least bit comforting. It doesn’t matter whoever tells you it is bad for you, it takes only 1 person to finally make you realize it, yourself.

However, this self realization is not something that strikes by looking into a mirror. Neither does it come by watching the sunset, nor by throwing pebbles in still water bodies.

It just happens. You could be listening to music, you could be dancing & you just know it, you come to terms with yourself.You want to move on. That day, you grow up (a birthday in the real sense)

This is what October does to me. A whirlwind of a month! So eventful! One day it is exciting, the other- liberating, insightful, nostalgic, pensive, festive probably, not in the same order.

And whirlwind it sure was, for someone,
                                                     who was pursuing a chase...


  1. Shyan happened to bump into your blog and read this post. Getting over something or someone in my opinion is easiest if you dedicate yourself to a cause which indulges you beyond imagination. There is nothing more intriguing or exhilarating than what youère doing...a short while like this and everything shall fall into place off course it is imperative that besides this we also do not indulge in self destructive habits...I apologize if Iève spoken more than I should have since it is a sensitive subject but just my two cents...anyhow something silly I wrote that I hope will put a smile on most readers http://richibaidwan.blogspot.com/2011/07/dream-sequence-starring-atif-aslam.html

  2. Thanks Richi :) You have an interesting blog


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