I'm a woman & when I think

                                                               ...I must speak

Amongst the varied choice this millenium has to offer, I admit that i do have a fever for this lady...

If there is 1 person who represents a woman physically, mentally, & emotionally more than anybody else then she is undoubtedly Beyonce.

If you’re as crazy in love with her live performances on the web & gets goose bumps as a reflex everytime she has sung 'Halo' then you know what I’m talking about! I love singing trying to mouth the ill-fated notes of 'Dangerously in love'. Right since teenage, naively taking pleasure in singing “Naughty girl” inspite of the misappropriate age for lyrics like that, i've been in love with her work.

Calling a woman like her 'hot' is a cheap ascription to someone who is more than just that! When she wears those rocks on her ears, she's nothing less than a goddess who has been adorned. Not to forget- Big crazy Beyonce hair, is something I LOVE!

She's such an inspiration to women, that it can scare a man. She’s a power-house, who can sing without ever missing a single note while dancing like a lady on fire.
She has already proved how modest she is after she got married to JAY-Z. You are allowed to think of me as a malicious brat for having said such a thing, but that only means…

                                                 ...you have NOT seen JAY-Z.


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