Me & my faux pas

I’m the kind of person who finds her foot in the puddle more often than not! It’s called waking up on the wrong side of the bed!

Days when...
--- I, already having run into a news reporter in my bid to speak to a corporate bigwig, I raced to meet this formidable man in my heels later realizing that if my speed per footstep had increased even by a fraction, I would've, much to the entertainment of media and corporate guests, had a head-on collision with HIM!

--- I happened to meet my professor after a few years only to realize that having asked him “You’re STILL teaching at xyz classes?” is not the least bit polite.

--- I, in my sheer innocence (& a little bit of blindness) usually end up mistaking a random guy as a salesman while in the store!

--- in a Q&A round, telling an international singer to do an album with Gareth Gates, just because I was fond of him. Yes I was 11 & I was telling HER, Tata Young, a singing sensation with a million followers to her credit! Its called the early setting-in of cheeky-ness!

---when I take the effort to make an English toast coated with a generous amount of imported cheese (usually reserved by indulgent parents for spoilt kids)
          Walking on the road, I end up getting stranded while the dogs sense my pleasure in eating it & continue their pursuit in harassing me. In my flustered state (as if the strong wind wasn’t enough distraction) I decide to get rid of either the wind or the dogs. Since nature can’t be defied. I consider the latter... and in my most well bred manner place my toast on the side walk. Wait a minute!
                                         Did they just sniff it & haughtily walk away?! (defying nature could’ve been more fruitful) Dear cheese, forgive me for the torment. My love for you explains why I can get so cheesy…

--- falling into a pond of moss is not as bad as coming out of it... to face jeering classmates while your still at an impressionable age. Even more belittled after having to wear the most ill fitting change of clothes brought for me!

From my detailed descriptions, one must conclude that the grass is not always greener on the other side... atleast not on my side... 


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