When we committed Animal cruelty...

(luckily minors can't be charged or we'd be guilty for an offense)
One of the few days when my mom is grateful for the OCD that strikes in me, I take to cleaning my drawer, which like always, brings out fossils. But this time it was different... I couldn’t bring myself to throw this valuable fossil. It reminded me of my childhood spent with partner in crime- my sister!

For most part of my life that I’ve lived with my sister we’ve fought just like other siblings on trivial things …and there it was in front of my eyes, so easy for me to grab… for she would never know about them going MISSING… But it became meaningless now for I didn’t have to share it with her… (in economic terms- their marginal cost had reduced to nothing)
We would scrupulously divide our odd number of jelly sweets so that neither of us (even by God’s intervention) got a millimeter extra. What love! Those were the small things in life… nonetheless they created memories.

Which brings me back to why I started this, from marshmallows to the tiniest of gummy bears that were mercilessly slaughtered & cut to ‘divide’ among us, we shared our favourite things. At times, generous enough to donate a whole non-dissected bear to the 3rd party aka mom & dad. (god bless us our magnanimous souls)

What those gummy bears didn’t know were that they were being sacrificed to create memories & a bond of high tensile strength.

Amen to the slaughtered bears...


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