10 things you want to ask!

This is neither a blog that criticizes movies, passing verdicts on god-may-care-less-for-innovations nor a ‘let’s discuss Rebecca Black’ So let me get this answered once and for all-

1) its…
decently pleasurable stuff straight from a little woman’s mouth... not pertaining to physical pleasures.

2) target audience…
may not necessarily be someone who agrees to what I write. There’s a method in all this madness of sharing with unknown people. They are mostly people who can bear my illicit cheekiness dominating my articles.

3) what happened to ‘my passions…’ the jewelry part of it?
I’m not a fan of bloggers trying to sell things all the time, let’s leave blogs to blogs.

4) the pics…
show my mood when I’m writing something or readers would assume I’ve appointed a PR agent to speak on my behalf.

5) people say…
‘so who reads your blog?’ honestly, I don't know, which is why it is all the more exciting

6) propagating feminism?
who me???? There are days when I wish I could be part of the males, for girls can have this hidden CRUELLA in them that gets unmasked occasionally. So I’m not a feminist. No man is my enemy, after all, he is someone’s son (then again all boys are not MEN)

7) usp of the blog…
I make headlines when I give out insider details that even make JULIAN ASSANGE insecure.

8) why blog?
It’s a form of expression; not to forget, the cheap thrills when you cross 100 page views in a week. Beautiful women who have nothing to say are so dull! I didn’t want to be DULL(this is exactly why I warned you in (2) about how illicit it gets)

9) inspiration?
the fact that sometimes i feel like im talking to a computer screen is inspiration enough

10) why this pic?
I can always bank on a certain section of people to read my content with pics like these. No! they are not my friends! They are the same people as mentioned in (4)
Where do you think they will land up searching for ‘girl in her bedroom’ ?


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