Some girls can fly!

Never seen you shine so bright
Never seen so many people wanting to be there by your side & when you turn to me and smile
you took my breath away
...lady in red 

The whole idea of a woman wearing red is so glamourized… how some dresses can give us wings to fly! So when a lotus-eater like me starts dreaming, you know that her mind will dangerously wander to other things- ball gowns, red carpet gowns, cocktail dresses, prom dresses, sundresses, dinner dresses... starting an all together new list of wants. And I make this list after a hearty session of shopping.

Considering that i'm skilled at finding the levity of any situation, i'll say it’s ok! people commit bigger sins.

1. The Exculpable Red dress

I’m talking no ordinary dress here but only ‘Valentinos’. A red gown can serve as an excuse for ANYTHING! Even if you're the one that stole candy from a kid.

From the designer whose red gowns are his magnum opus. They can even make a mannequin dance. No one does red better than him.

Pardoxically, a sinfully red Valentino is forgiving!

2. The Bandage

It appears like you’ve been held while they’d carefully wrap the bandages around your body.

Herve Leger does them in different shades & the result is a dress perfectly molded onto your body. I prefer the shimmering 1 worn by the ‘nobody can do bling better’ JLO!

3. The Eloquent Outfit

If an award was to be given to clothes that are most expressive, it would go to everything that Manish Arora has ever created.

I’d barely finished school & I was already eyeing a Manish Arora creation. Forever on my wish list! I think I might have to throw a party just to celebrate it.

PS: Manish is another reason to take pride in the Indian Fashion Industry. Especially if your a fan of WEARABLE ART.

4.The 'I AM OBSESSED' dress

I’m among the many men out there who are obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. To the extent that i would have been charged with stalking her if only we had her among us.

Attention: do not mistake my fascination for idolizing her. I’m not good at singing happy birthday neither do I have an affinity towards politicians *wink*

5. The Sympathetic White dress

There’s something about white that makes me at ease even if I’m having a bad hair day OR bad face day OR bad mood day OR bad work day OR any day.

Its a sympathetic piece of cloth that can rid the malice off you.

The adventurer in me will always opt for an LWD instead of the safer, LBD.

6. The Classic Ballgown

If you think of Jane Austen characters as your ancestors just like I do then I’m sure you’ve imagined yourself a million times wearing those ball gowns while a certain Mr. Darcy / Mr. Knightley asks you for a dance.

But who would care to be asked when wearing it itself would keep you beaming (even if you’re called to clean the dishes at the ball)

7. The Sari Dress
It’s ok! You are not the only one who has sinfully dreamt of those saris lying in your mom’s trunk to be stitched into a cute dress. This is the toughest item to get from the entire list.

Welcome to the ‘evil daughter’ club. I’ll keep your secret just don’t get your mom to my blog.

8. The Majescule Fantasy Dress

The fashionable Marie Antoinette who resided in the grand Versailles Palace wore gowns that were nothing less than a fantasy for every girl.

...I can visualize myself in it while the butler comes to serve me a 3 tiered cake, cookies & tea while I look at the Eiffel tower from the french windows, then dismiss him not before ordering him to cancel the ball...

The gown could house a beggar!

9. The Fierce dress

"She looks like a flower but she stings like a bee ...Like every girl in history"

All women have that fierce side to our misleading exterior. This dress spells power. Just like the Roksanada Illinic outfit that I wore in my previous posts & then 2nd handed down to Ash.

There’s nothing that can beat the pleasure in wearing a fierce outfit. It feels super woman-ish! It helps when you want to put off somebody who intimidates you. Just put on your fierce dress & watch how the tables turn.

10. The morbidly fascinated with Kitty dress

A kitty dress would be unfathomable for ordinary mortals. It would be tough explaining them the art of deriving happiness from it!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I envy Gaga.
Have I thought of a place to where it? tough one but I know even if I’ve to wear it & stroll at home all day it would give me the kicks.

oops how did I forget that I already have one of these. 9 to go!

Whoever thought that Marilyn & Kitty cannot be on the same list is mistaken.
As Michael Buble puts it, ‘so you want to be a rockstar but you have bunnies in your bed’ -thats me!


  1. Of all d dresses I wuw d red dress nd d white one dey were d best nd yaa even d hello kitty dress was soo cute hehe anyway nice article I really liked it yo keep up d gudd work

  2. anonymous,
    hehe... nice to know your choice... thanx!

  3. Quite an interesting post.....a careful dissection of all types of clothing....done quite humorously...:):):)
    I would say the red dress looks quite appealing, btw which 1 of these do u have......
    and, ohh, do u keep bunnies in ur bed....:p:p:p....
    keep posting..:D:D:D

  4. jay,

    yes the stuffed toys are waiting to outgrow me!

    im the proud owner of a white dress :D

  5. I guess there's a child hidden in all of us....we just make a choice of not listening to it in the later stages of our lives.....:):):)

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