The Annoying breed!

I was walking down the street, alone. The silence was now disturbing, clutching my bag so hard it was begging for mercy when suddenly… it happened. My heart was in my mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was a heist committed in broad daylight. There was nobody around me. I felt my blood running cold. I thought I was dreaming until… it struck me,

                             ...that I wasn’t!(for nobody smells waffles while dreaming) It’s happening! I am actually walking on a street. And that annoying breed of cat was stalking me! once again.

…those copy'Cats'

Seeing those feathers (which I had passionately blogged about) on a huge billboard! They say cats have 9 lives but I can vouch that this breed has far more. For they keep crossing my path. But now, I'm wiser, stronger, taller (PS: Boost is not the secret of my energy) And I will take all this in my stride like always.

It’s not even funny that I had it as my Facebook dp fo more than a month in early Dec while VOGUE INDIA was out in Feb!
Million dollar question, ‘Could the Vogue Fashion Editor from my friend list have taken inspiration?’

I’m not even complaining… after all… isn’t it a disguised form of flattery?

Look at her, trying to outdo me! They put my used outfit on the world’s most beautiful woman and thought it could look any different... Silly people 

 NOW The original-



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