Behind every success...

...was first a rejection, a bruised ego, a fire to prove yourself, a race track to catch your dream. Blinkers on your eyes, you shoot out, but along the process of chasing it you realize it is no longer a question of your ego, the ego invariably shakes off & you enjoy the chase.

                       You wade through the waters. Afterall, all great innovations are built on rejections! You realize your destiny is a conspiracy, how it intentionally throws at you unexpected situations out of which you MAY come out as a winner OR you may have to learn the hard way!
(OR might as well come to terms with your unintentional urge to put your foot in your mouth - as in my case)

You don’t want to be the big fish in the pond. Rather be the small fish in a sea. After all there is far more adventure in those salty waters.

That’s when you learn the difference between being passionate and being ambitious. An ambitious man is pleasant only for awhile.
..............................That’s also when you realize you're getting too philosophical & your a grandma at 19!
..............................Much to the tired eyes of the grandma- nite nite!


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