KittyLeaks: I get the truth out

Today I’ll be leaking out the true story behind my Kitty that has been leaked. Caution fellow kitty-ites! The following content may get you teary-eyed.

I’ve been depressed lately my face speaks it, I went into gloom when my parcel for SANRIO Kitty turns out to be lighter & lesser than what was originally sent from USA.
(why I mention Sanrio is because they are the original Kitty merchandise makers which make these KITTIES darn expensive & more disheartening)
                                                  This is not the 1st time Indian postal services have SHOPLIFTED  Envelope-Lifted my stuff! They define the words ‘petty thieves’. I mean how cruel can you get?! Stealing dainty kitties = stealing CANDY  IPOD from a kid. Not cool people! not cool!

It doesn’t end here, here’s the mystery of the 10 MISSING WISHES… Not even Sherlock Holmes can solve.

Since my birthday fell on 10-10-10, I was super excited with my luck, so my sister sent me 10 birthday cards with a message in each but in the transit I got only 3. Drawing me to the conclusion that-

1) either there are kids at the post office waiting to swipe anything sent for Shyan Kashyap
2) the crafty officials are planning to open a gift shop very soon.

                                     Me thinks that I should take my girly parade and ransack the post office! ( yeah i already have my grudges against the Post Office courtesy: overvalued custom duty that i had to shell out!)                         
Oh! By the way, I started my new year with a spiritual note and I just learned that one shouldn’t be attached to materialistic things… and certainly not when the material is kitty (gulping my sob as I say that)


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