Confessions of a 40kg multi-tasker

Whoever thought that modeling is a cakewalk, let me give you a bite. Posing for 200 snaps in a 20 by 20 sq foot area is not all that creamy as it seems.

woke up at 8- rushed to college- invariably turned up late despite ALL my efforts- rushed for makeup- lipstick went awry- friend came to the rescue- supposedly all set- got accidently punched by a woman (who had this random urge to fling her arms in the sky just when I crossed her path) strong women like these shouldn’t be exposed in public (felt like my eyeball was going to pop off the socket)- Checked my bruised eye- “everything’s fine”- reached the studio- forgot lunch- got scolded for the same.

awaiting me was a 4 hr shoot- flattered to have 3 grown ups at my disposal- arc lights blinding my cornea- smiling till jaws hurt- asked to continue- 3hrs- still have my shoulders squared- wrap up- returned to home sweet home with a spine as stiff as Barbie. Felt like I was totally worth it (having said that, I’ve not yet got my cheque from LOREAL)

Designers always work behind the scenes & getting recognized once in awhile is flattering. Yeah that's exactly what you don't read in between the lines, that I love every minute of my work. Indeed tired but as content as a kid who comes home from play.

The only difference in life when I was 11 to where I am now is that- ‘now when I have 10 things to do, life gives you 20 more’
No complaints, I'll do them all (doesn't quite sound the way i wanted it to)

PS: women never disclose their weight... but this is what you get for being on my blog... another WikiLeak..


  1. only 40 kgs!!!! damn woman!! eat!! hehe...having said that couldnt stop laughing at ur post...i hope ur eye is ok..and its exciting that u love with u do..its really is... and that's right, when u do love what u do u have that "bring it on" attitude..u can do it.. coz its fun!!

    keep it up..its fab to have positive people like u in the world...a lot of others need to learn that


  2. hehe.. yes the eyes are fine... thankyou prutha! great to have you drop by!


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