I found my model

I’m picky & I choose the best, I’d like to replace the otherwise self employed for free(& under necessity) model (read: me) with Anna Dello Russo for my brand Cheyenne'11. Which is only when I earn in additional no. of zeros. Pray, are they listening up there?!

Luxury she lives in
drama is her wardrobe
leopard, feathers, fur, & gold she has them all
‘re-incarnated Marie Antoinette’ she is!

Worked as fashion editor for style bible ‘Vogue’ ADR is one lady who has a wardrobe I can kill for.

              ‘Spunky Superwoman’ is the word for her! She makes heads involuntarily turn 360 degrees as she walks by, I bet superman can't beat that. Fierce yet lady-like is her appearance! Luxury is burgeoning in her wardrobe. She’s the kinda lady who takes chances, is upbeat and humorous- all that a lady should be! Confession: I want to be ANNA!

I sense ADR is as cheeky as me. She says “when I was a kid my friend told me oh! Let’s go to buy jeans! I’d say, Jeans! Why would you go to buy jeans?! Why we don’t go buy a Versace jacket”

I'm awestruck by the exaggerated shoulder dress, which I think can give me power not even Prime Ministers have reveled in …so I take my fancy for this fashion BOMB to a higher level by sticking my face out of that fab outfit. Now you ask why? Because dreams are free and I just lived mine…

Note: I do not claim to have rights over the pic
Shoulder dress courtesy: Roksanda Ilincic


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