Count your blessings……& your Bags

I finally admit that I have spent an * amount on my bag fetish! Europe can make you a sucker for all things classy & chic. It propitiates materialistic WANTS needs; result: splurges on bags! At these times, one should follow the adage ‘always count your blessings’ here, count your bags. So, I’ve taken an oath that I’m not falling prey to anymore bags for the next 2 years! (my subconscious has already read that as 1 year)

Count your blessings, name them one by one, & it will surprise you…. what the lord have I done?!

I HAVE 20 BAGS as on 24-11-10!!!! Ask a collector and he'll say its not much but hell yeah when it exceeds your age...
                                                                                      Big small neon shiny printed & all want to rest on these arms! My current collection boasts of shoulder bags, cross body bags, leather backpacks, bucket bags, beach bag, oversized bags, basket bags, holiday bags, PVC bags, & finally a clutch (which refuses to make space for my zillion necessities). Few are branded, few bought from quaint shops, & more are handed down to me (if raiding momma’s closet means handing down). Sometimes occasions fall short when it comes to carrying them.

Ask me to part with any of these? Come to my place!!! I’ll serve you cupcakes & cyanide.

Defense plea against alleged charges that i'm a shopaholic:

Shopping is an art. It takes skill to patiently browse through racks & pull out hangers in constraints of time. One shouldn’t be deriding women who shop. Maybe bags are my idiosyncrasy. But everyone has one! And mine can be pardoned for these are ‘beauties’ on my arms & help me carry all my baggage (pun unintended)!
                  To all those who expected full fledged pictures of my bags…. I may be silly but not naive.

*undisclosed amount just in case the IT officials take fancy to my blog
 wild guesses are allowed...


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