Man! I feel like a woman

I’m 19!!! Last yr was my 18th & this year too I had a special reason to celebrate as it fell dramatically on *drum rolls* 10-10-10(say ‘wow’ for it comes once in 100years)

                       Another reason is the 8 yrs of Cheyenne’11 that have passed… my interesting affair with jewelry & how it continues to broaden my horizons teaching me more about myself (which otherwise could’ve taken decades) …the inspiring people I’ve come across, the creative exposure! Saying ‘I’m passionate about this’ is now an understatement…

Yay! Cheyenne’11 is now 8yrs old! Older than most brands by people elder to me! It doesn’t stop at this!

                      It makes me proud & not to forget, responsible (or do I sound too big for my boots ballerinas?) The compliments come in & stay close to my heart. How swell it is when a 40 something Brit said "Shyan, you're so cool” thanks to GLOBALISATION I feel like a WORLDLY CITIZEN. A European designer I look up to complimented me & when my esteemed teacher once told me ‘you are going to be a big success’ or when I get ‘you’re already a star’ ‘you have a great future’ they boost me up my ladder.

They sound encouraging enough to take you from cloud 9 to 99 but we know how pressure at high altitudes can be uncomfortable. Great Expectations can be misleading (even Charles Dickens would agree with me) Few turn into rebels while I take it all in my stride… putting it this way, the expectations are the guards. They’re at my disposal; I shake it off whenever it gets heavy.

                 …One lifetime is neither enough to discover my passion nor to receive all the compliments!
(surprisingly the cheekiness doesn’t fade away)


  1. nice work keep it :D

  2. quirky ...... you should be a bit more liek that in person too you know ... besides, this diwali, i definitely have to shoot you for better pictures toattach to your posts regarding cheyenne 77 or whatsitsname : P !!!

  3. @frivolous... we've only met once & it would be a disgrace if i'd expressed myself so much!


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