Visiting the Mall!

Are you a mall rat? Then you are sure to be familiar with every floor...

Supermarket Section: Shorts & slippers should be restricted to the home unless you are Bradley Cooper

This place will get you drained out of your happiness & you don’t even want to get here on weekends or be prepared to spend the rest of it in gloom. Here’s where 30 something adults come with their seemingly accidently-born-children ( these parents are anything but happy) they look depressed. While women sadly pick up groceries (can’t blame them, the groceries behold them, they have to be cut & cooked) The husbands accompany them in their worst attempt at looking casual. I mean I know you can’t dress up for a visit to the mall but this! Shorts & slippers?! Already most men are chivalry-less & to add to that... a sucky get-up! Beware of the dirty looks from fellow shoppers if your trolley is full & there’s a queue!

Shopping arcade: Even a desert storm in the Sahara has more people 

The arcade is so deserted that couples tend to find their privacy here & stroll through. It goes to say that now people are saving a lot & its not helping the economy! Some shops are too tacky while the others are too overpriced for a mall goer. You may also find 13 something yr old teenagers who try outfits that make them look 20 something & the mothers are surprisingly pleased! The salesmen seem drugged, shops have more salesmen than customers ironically, they are never around when you need them.
The unimaginative window display adds to the disappointment, take a cue from Harrods & Selfridges!

Food court: Ok! I love kids but why can't they talk maintain human hearing decibels

Shyness is not in their dictionary unlike in our times, they want everything(not that i wanted anything less... teeheehee) But here are the happiest people…

Visiting the mall can really get you worried about the world!


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