My European Travelogue: Italy

Italy is invigorating… no doubt! Driving from one country to the other in Europe can’t get anymore scenic. We chase the Italian hills that overlook the sapphire clear Mediterranean. I’ve not even reached Genoa & I’m already in love with Italy! Heard so much about it… brings back memories of how I first heard the word ‘Italy’ when I was a kid … my dad was going to ‘Itlee’-I loved how it sounded! The following events have been ingeniously compressed for blog reading…

Genoa: I love all things nautical!

Yachts, Huge Cruise liners & there nestled between them was the Pirates of the Caribbean ship. Very distinct, you just can’t miss it.(Time for a serious chat with the driver… annoyingly frisky man who has no idea what he’s doing to my photographs) I see a stark white cruise liner so huge that it terrifies me (the growing up on Titanic-effect) But I love all things Nautical. I discover Genoa- the banks, the buildings by foot. I see a red satin suited lady with wait a minute, hold your breath, black Lace corset inside a fitting blazer & towering heels, looking more eye catching than the bride herself. Yes I was witness to a wedding in Genoa (& this is just the beginning)!

Rome: It wasn’t built in a day, doesn’t take a genius to find out… only takes a ticket to Rome to figure that out!

Rome owes its beauty to archaeologists who have restored major part of history & continue to carry out excavation work. After a bitter taste of wine from the vineyard & seeing the Pope’s summer residence (to be apt, mansion) I head to the Trevis fountain. Magnificent is an understatement! Breathtaking Baroque work! Each movement of the muscle was immaculately carved. The fountain is ALIVE! 1000s of people like me throw coins in the fountain daily. No, I’m not telling what I wished for but if it comes true I’m heading back to the Trevis. I drool over the yummiest pizza & soothing gelatos. Rome is bustling with people(did I forget to mention hot?) I must add that the Colosseum is not a very happy place to visit considering the history behind it. Smiling in the C is not very becoming! Men walking casually outside in gladiator get-up liven up the C. I could see archaeologists working on a nearby monument. Talk about more history being unravelled in Rome, Phew!

I relive Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons while visiting the Vatican & by the time I’m done touring it I’m exhausted- the detailed work on walls, Michelangelo’s dome, ceilings, paintings take a toll on my eyes And to come out in the bright open St. Peter’s Square is peaceful!

Pisa: I love Pizzas, so naturally even Pisa!

You can’t help but giggle looking at it the leaning tower. The marble stands out like a set of teeth in the misty wet weather. My 1st rain in Europe, how could I not get wet?! I pulled mom too!

Florence: David is anything but embarrassing!

The Statue of David stands naked in the busy square, he’s a familiar friend, i’ve known him ever since I was a kid when he peacefully took his place as a showpiece in my house.

Venice: This is Carnival, kid!

The Gondola takes me through the Venetian canals & the gondolier whistles & sings for me. I love his uniform! Heading to St. Mark’s Square where Murano glass excites me. Romance is in every pillar of Venice! Reminds me of Richard Gere’s Razzle-dazzle in Chicago………….. that’s what Venice does to you, razzle-dazzles you!

Monuments in Europe have been covered on tv, journals, newspapers innumerably but actually standing in their reflection in flesh & blood beats every imagery of it!

Italy spoils you to every blood cell! My favourite place in Italy? It’s like asking me which shade of pink do I like!

PS: Have you ever seen bubblegum pink on the highway? What eye-candy for the obsessive pink disorder in me! Trucks can be pretty sophisticated in Italy, just like the population!


  1. fantastic!! what a read!! i know what i have missed Shyan, with you guys it would have been the experience of a lifetime. you felt things there and you've written well! keep it flowing....

  2. 唯有用熱情、用智慧去觀察事物,這事物才會把他的秘密,洩漏給我們......................................................................


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