My European Travelogue: France & Monaco baby!

Credits to my small eyes that have worked overtime & taken in so much of beauty!

France: Heading to Cannes from Nice

I wouldn't have named Nice as Nice, for the word is demeaning to its understated beauty. Its a holiday in itself to even work in the Mediterranean climate. I see the clearest aqua washing the pebbled shore on the French Riviera, where nude & burnt things (chuckle) i mean people, are lazing & tanning.

 The Cannes Film theatre is not as big as i expected. I walk its stairs to experience how it feels to be in a starlet's shoes... oops heels! I feel the rush with every step, the red carpet where dreams have come true! I turn around & imagining the bevy of photographers & flashlights, I give a million dollar smile... Few moments of thrill...
                     ...time for reality to strike & descend

Heading to Monaco(2nd smallest country after Vatican)

Monaco is a swanky playground of the super rich where cars & bikes are so seductive that while checking them out you might walk into a pole & still turn back to admire them.

Street Fashion is nothing like what one expects on a street, its live FTV. The ‘real’ people walking the ramp (here: pavements) are clad from head to toe to the hilt of sophistication (PS: manicured dogs are part of the fashion fiesta). I can spend a day just looking at people!
Fact: only by visiting Monaco, stopping & looking will surely upgrade your style knowledge. It’s not even surprising that Louis Vuitton is the bag of the common man here!
        And what a sight to see the saleswomen mopping their high-end boutiques because never will you see such finely dressed women mopping floors & still look like they've just attended a cocktail party! (mind you if saleswomen in the world are half as stylish as these were, demand would always exceed supply!)
           Just wondering what were they mopping? the shiny grey pavements? God forbid they ever visit Mumbai!

Heading to Monte-Carlo

An array of the biggest & shiniest yachts boast of opulence. I got a glimpse of people partying on these yachts. We hit the famous Palace-turned-Casino! I tried my luck at the roulette table only to come out discontent but glad this is illegal in India. What a waste it would be(now that I lost)!
                    Food! just the smell can drug you- the coffee, bread, puffs & apple tarts. Even regular stores & gas stations match qualities & standards(unlike Mumbai where you are accustomed to flat coke & heated russian sandwiches)
Buildings & hotels looking like creamy cakes in pastel pinks, yellows, peach & whites... i see Segways & colourful toy-trams, am i in a videogame?

Heading to Paris, back in France

Paris is flooded with monuments, you turn your head to look left & you'll miss one in the right!
PS: Lido show is not to be discussed in the blog! Sorry guys!

I relive Robert Langdon’s adventure while visiting the Louvre museum, housing the most famous paintings. It’s no ordinary museum, airport-sized, with a starbucks, shops & eateries inside, you can have a 6month long picnic. Fact: it takes 6 long months in Louvre if each painting is covered in 1min.
I smile at the inverted pyramid when I recall Dan brown’s fictitious belief of what lies beneath it!

                          Everyone ignores the priceless art in the alleys while heading for the Monalisa, for she’s the star of the Louvre… moreover, it takes only a min to be lost in the Louvre & hours to be found! Finally… we meet her! Her eyes follow me! She’s the only one smiling in the room, for everyone else is stoned in awe! So we take in the marvel & run to see Rembrandts & Rodins. Walking is out of question!

The grand chandeliers, hall of mirrors, paintings & garden are grandeur personified! I cannot give the palace justice by describing it here!

Heading to the Eiffel tower which appears to spy on me from every corner of Paris

There it was right over me now! Jaw droppingly beautiful! I elevated right to the to topmost floor(called the 3rd floor) Originally designed for an expo in Paris, & criticized by many artists for being huge & a fierce contrast to Paris. Damn the artists, this was too overwhelming, yes, funny how a manmade structure can be spiritually overwhelming… but it damn right was!
 For I had forgotten I had a face that people know as Shyan, forgotten I had lived 18yrs of life, forgotten the people united from all over the world around me, forgotten I was this timid somebody in Paris, forgotten I was away from home.
Suddenly nothing in life was important! I was seeing the world from the top! I could feel him looking at me from the clouds! It was a realization! I didn’t have to tell anybody, it was a secret between us...



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