The Encounters of a teenager

I consider myself to having had the most unsusual encounters with celebs! Most of them have occured whilst doing jewelry business! If you're not a fan of boastful writing then you're not going to like what you read! But I ought to share their civility towards a skinny teenager like me!

Let me start with British R&B singer Jay Sean, whom i managed to catch while walking out of a store with my mom & granny! Reading the newspapers had given me some idea that he was in town for a concert... as if i could go so far! What i didn't know was that after 2 days, totally unaware i'll be bumping into him on a busy street! I was quick enough to stop him before he crossed the road & he obliged with a smile! He wished my folks in his very Punjabi-British accented, Namaste! And then very surprisingly he touches my granny's feet!
Not that my granny knew who he was but she knew i wouldnt ask any Tom Dick or Harry for an autograph! And you don't have people touching your feet in Mumbai, to show respect! (unless the beggar wants to harass you) Then exchanging a few more pleasantries he hurries off!
                                         Isn't that chivalry at its best!

Celina Jaitly was another surprise as she dropped by at this flea market & walks towards my stall after a pair of Cheyenne'11 Earrings caught her eye! She buys 1 for heself & after seeing more she buys another for her mom too! Now isn't that sweet! And she addressed me as 'babe'! Wow..  considering the way she looked that night, i was certainly not the only 'babe'!

Hmm.. so i had my head dug into the accounts, when director, choreographer Farah Khan walks into the store... She was happily gushing to the attendant when she catches my eye & scrutinizes me from top to bottom... now shouldn't i be doing that?! I smiled not knowing if i had a wardrobe malfunction or what! She loudly asks the attendant why don't they design tops like what i was wearing!  ....That day I returned home like a gushing bride!!
This is the part where i have to give credits to my sister! Thanks for buying me such a lovely top, Shubhra!

It was not long ago that i was supplying jewelry to Mad O Wot, a Boutique-Salon now Salon only! The- always having spoilt me with loads of compliments, rockstar that Sapna Bhavnani is!(India's answer to Kat Von D) encouraged me & spoke so well of me that i always considered them overstatements! Once when i was showing at a sale- this top notch model comes to me 'Hey gal, your jewelry is rocking at Mad O Wot!' And busy that I was into jewelry, I looked up to see the ravishing lady returning the smile!

While i had just started out... a very young stylist now a designer(also designed for Freida Pinto) always came by my counter to pick up her favourite "Beyonce Styled Cheyenne'11 Earrings" & always introduced me to her accompanying friend! Now that is one inspiring lady! (wouldn't like to bank on her success) So let's keep her name under wraps!

For Shahrukh & Mira Nair encounters read-

Thats all for now! These have been the most special meetings that i've had! while the other encounters have not been as interesting! Wishing you similiar luck!


  1. haha..i didn't know about the 'touching nani's feet' incident...funny stuff huh?

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