4 Cartoons in a girl's life!

 New Age guys! Look around they are all over! Data collected from secondary sources( read: girlfriends)

1) the 'Male Bimbo'- Yup you heard it right... if girls were not enough, guys are taking to bimbo-ism!

  •  Symptoms- He never gets what you mean! He'll comment alot on your appearance(even more than your female counterparts do!)
  • Effects- He claims that you get angry very fast/overact! Duh! obviously... if his understanding doesnt surpass to that of a kid...   
  • Solution- Don't hesitate to use your fist to align his brain, if it doesn't help treat him like your younger bro!

2) the 'Wannabe' Player- I really don't get it! How being a 'player' can feed the male ego? I always thought its something to be ashamed of sadly, I was born in the wrong generation, where its so COOL to be a player that i see them yearning to earn the tag!

  • Symptoms- He tells you he's had abcd......xyz girlfriends...
  • Effects- You don't want to be a name in his list!
  • Solution- Ask him to talk to you after 10yrs

3) the 'Stalker'- These are the ones i have great pity on! Believe me, they are good people who are not aware of their self-obstructive obsessive behaviour!

  • Symptoms- He's dangerously over-friendly!
  • Effects- Everytime you are with him you look for SPACE!
  • Solution- Cut off all ties! Your simple 'Hello, how are you?' can make him think you're in love with him... 

4) the 'Enemy'- Oh! he's the Bad guy! Who in everyone else's view is perfectly normal but only you know how bad he has crossed you! You want him written off!
  • Symptoms- You don't see his face, you see SATAN!
  • Effects- The mere sight of him will evoke the Gladiator in you!
  • Solution- Sarcasm helps! Each time he crosses your path tell yourself, "What an amazing guy he is"

My Message: (for boys)You know you are good enough if you don't fit in the above categories.
(for girls) They'll bring out the worst in you! So next time you recognize any of the 4 Idiots! Tell him you think you've seen him before! He might even take it as a compliment!


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