Go Live a Little!

-ok to think that Cute is the most boring compliment ever
-ok to befriend the wrong people
(you'll only get better at decision making)
-ok to get embarassed when you fall in public
-ok to think that Prince Charming looks so girly, almost gay
-ok to fear nothing at all & face this world eye-to-eye
(until someone reminds you about your appointment with the dentist)
-ok to not love someone but only genuinely like them
-ok to eat chocolates for Lunch & then despise them for a week
-ok to get highly impressed with people who pronounce your name right the 1st time
-ok to save bucks for 'this thing' & only to realize you're over 'this thing'
-ok to wonder whats wrong with Mr. Crush-on-you
-ok to dread the Mistletoe!
-ok to be an Adult & still like the Jonas brothers(did i forget to specify Kevin?)
-ok to think Taylor Swift writes songs just for you
-ok to enjoy hearing a guy bitch about his mate
(whoever said Guys are dogs, well they can be bitches too!)

-ok to NOT say 'SORRY' when you are NOT guilty
-ok to blame yourself for getting your back under that knife
-ok to have a terrible day & keep quiet about it
-ok to be honest all your life & never get paid for it
-ok to miss your Braces

-ok to remain foolish & speak straight from the HEART!


  1. i think i'm looking into a mirror!!
    (suggestion : change chocs to chocolates)


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