My guy

I had warned my pals to behave well with this guy i was to introduce them to... They heard "GUY" & had their hearts in the mouth! So they try every permutation & combination to guess who it could be! One of them actually thought it was somebody from my batch & went as far as making up my love story with him! So before it caused emotional damage i made it clear to them that this is someone they had never met!

So all excited they come to see me & my "guy"...

and there i stand ashamed of how he looks...

He was earlier a halloween decoration until i gave him a reason to live!


  1. hey! i know him....i was the one who introduced you to him in the first place....
    anyways, now everyone knows he is The could've done a little jig too!

  2. hehe... how can i forget! u got me hooked on to him ;-)


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