You ask me Wassup? I say

You ask me "wassup?" i say "nothing much" because words cannot possibly define how busy i have been... now you wonder 'what can an 18yr old be busy with?' here's the dope...

i get busy when i start my day-dreaming adventures(while walking, eating, studying)
busy when i'm alone at home & singing a la Beyonce like i'm actually performing for an audience,
busy decorating the fanciest of things,
busy when i think of cartoons and feel so envious of NODDY, how can he live in such a terribly colourful house,
busy thinking if it'll be embarassing to play with my LEGO even now,
busy categorizing my friends on basis of cartoons or ross, chandler, joey, monica, rachel and phoebe,
busy plotting revenge on the mechanic who conveniently wiped out my disney games for some stupid reason called "virus", like it was actually gonna come to kill him!
busy talking, laughing & socializing,
busy annoying my mom by talking for hrs on the phone like i'm making some international business deals,
busy debating who looks better- Tom Cruise or John Cusack,
busy deciding what i really really need more- 'bags' or 'shoes',
busy thinking of what i should name my dog(despite the fact that i dont own one),
busy dreaming which actress should be wearing Cheyenne'11,
busy fantasizing Hot Juicy Mushrooms on a Cheesy Pizza,
busy setting reminders for the smallest of things,
busy checking all these reminders,

AND last but not the least, deciding if i should study or get busy with the above, but BUSY people like me  choose the latter...


  1. That cop reminded me of Mr Goon from Enid Blyton's Famous five.


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