An Ode To 17yrs of Sisterhood

I miss those days,
When we laughed until our eyes watered!
The dinners when you covered up for me while I shamelessly laughed in front of guests!
When we divided our rooms into 2 parts and fought over who owned which side!
When we fought over who looked into the mirror the maximum!
When we would count who owned more clothes!
When you and dad laughed every time I went on a ‘self praising spree’!
When you always failed to teach me how to whistle!
When we secretly eyed expensive imported whisky and beer bottles in the night!
When you would beg me to stop dancing on the bed while you studied your fat books!
When we watched ‘C’ Grade hindi movies till 3am and laughed our ass off!

16yrs of my life, I hardly spent a week away from you and now being 17 there isn’t a day when I don’t think of you! It makes me so happy to hear you doing well but equally sad when I come back to 4 walls that are now a witness of the absence of all our laughter and words!
Together we are as bubbly as Champagne! And as high as any drunkard!
As compatible as puzzle pieces!
And as close to me as my skin is to my bones!


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