When the world seems to shine like u've had too much wine...

...thats amore! (dont jump to conclusions) I'm in love with nobody but myself!!! You may call me an egotist but then everybody has this phase when you accept yourself whole heartedly & stop looking for approvals. You stop having crushes for a long time. You get intouch with reality & you hop-skip through it. You get rid of all your fears & all you wanna do is dance down the street like the cloud's in your feet. Even bad days don't seem bad anymore. You wanna seize every day and play with it!

You remember those days when something had you tensed and you say, SO WHAT! How frivolous events carve us into our unique selves. Bad days will always come our way but only to make our success taste sweeter. Now GO look at the world like you've had too much wine!


  1. Its a bitter sweet symphony all the time !!!!!!!

  2. i love the first paragraph...so true..keep up the posts..they r nice...tc

  3. sweet ,,, i think you got the spelling of frivolous wrong!!!!!
    but who am i to judge spelling mistakes :P ,,,, i make the most ,,,,, i just tend to like that word a lot!!!! lol ,,, u can understand!!!!!


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