Me, a patient of obsessive pink syndrome!

Me, a patient of obsessive pink syndrome!

I may not be a psychiatrist to discover the fact that I am (like many other teens, Barbies and even adults all over the world) suffering from the Obsessive Pink Syndrome. I’ll be browsing a boutique for dresses and there my hand, involuntarily lays itself on pink satin, pink bows, pink lace… its like these fingers just have to touch everything that has pink... watches, clothes, jewelry, bags, sandals, stationery, … I pity my friends who have to face this inconsolable Pink magnet in me! So why doesn’t it happen with other colours like Green, Yellow, Orange, or Blue? If I had it my way I would paint zebras with pink, , my car(much to my dad’s dismay), my room and a hell lot of stuff!
What’s with Girls and Pink? Can’t figure it out? Who cares… devour it!

Symptoms: You fall for any shade of PINK- Fuschia, Salmon pink, Hot pink, Baby Pink.
My pink addicted friends: Avril Lavigne, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Piglet, Betty Boop, Pink Panther, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus.
Style tip to avoid a faux pas: You don’t want to look like Candy Floss on the street


  1. lol..this was a good one...i hv a friend who is totally a pink maniac..her cars pink from the outside as well as the even smells pink...

  2. lolzzz.. thats the thing with us.. you just cant get enough of it!


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