A Day in My Mystical Life

Designers love vibrancy! We strive to be over the edge, dislike monotonous stuff and never follow the herd mentality!

As the day starts, i get ready, i wear my quirky sense of style, mind you, which is inspired (this is when i start behaving like a drama queen) by a funky Gwen Steffani with a hint of sophistication from hollywood in the 60's era.
I have many sides to my personality... From having interests in World Politics to Fashion; From being a Work-a-Holic to a Lazy Food Junkie; from Socialising to Yoga, From Talking Excessively to being a Silent Observer; from being Annoyingly Shy to a Drama Queen; from being a Danielle Steel Fan to being a Total Tomboy; from being an Agony Aunt to my Patient Listeners to going Berserk myself; from Cinema to Books; from Home Decor to Gardening; i'm intrigued by it all!

So, i finally zero in on jewelry and get all the beads, cords, stones, and silver out of their homes. Sometimes they lay there for days waiting to be modified with these hands. I design, try it on a zillion times, practically make my whole family review it, it goes through finishing touches and TA DA!!!! Ready to make someone feel Beautiful!!!.... THIS IS THE TOUGHEST PART, when i have to separate a part of me and share it with the universe!


  1. in short...u just wanna be different!! like me!

  2. hey thanks eshaan...
    @ shubhra ...every inch in me is unmatchable!


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