Lampwork Love!!

The first time i saw my lampwork beads i fell in love with those protuding polka dots and intricately carved flowers on them, what eye candy!!! i had them with me for about a year and it was only recently that i discovered them again and decided to finally work on these babies. Today i was so inspired by this book, "1000 Glass Beads" which had lampwork beads in shapes of Clowns, Fish, Marine life, Frogs, Jelly Fish, and Faces with noodle hair. I want to meet this creative bunch of artists and wish to purchase such a piece of art and value. Surprisingly they've been discovered even before 2002, and I saw them only in 2006 in India.

With every turning page, my head was popping with ideas to make a jewelry piece on these amazing creations of man. This book was what i call, A Beaders Paradise!!!!


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