My story

Ever since my childhood days, I was attracted towards all things colourful and creative! From making clothes for my Barbie to actually designing my own jacket! I would passionately do it all.
It was only at the age of 11 that I was drawn towards an art which wouldn’t have otherwise attracted a girl of my age! It all started when My Mom saw me over-awed on seeing a piece of jewelry from her dresser, that’s when she bought me a jewelry kit to experiment with! THANKYOU MOM!!! To begin with, I imitated designs from a few manuals. My mom used to have exhibitions as she was into garments, so she put up my creations(which were very raw) for sale and i got an encouraging response. I improved at my quality and the designs came to me naturally.
soon i started supplying to a store in Mumbai under my brand name CHEYENNE'11, (cheyenne- the way my name is pronounced and 11- i was eleven when i started jewelry) It's been 6yrs hence and my jewelry has been supplied to 30 stores.
Wow! Cheyenne'11 was being sourced to the hippest stores!

Bollywood actress, Madhuri Dixit striked a pose for the Stardust magazine wearing Cheyenne'11 earrings. It was not only her but it was even worn by other top notch bollywood actresses like Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Emraan Hashmi, Celina Jaitley, Neha Dhupia, Sweta Salve, Sweta Keswani & Rosesh in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, news anchor- Barkha Dutt. Worn by models working for print media, fashion shows as well as for television, my designs were being featured in Seventeen, Elle, Verve, New Woman, also on the covers of The Sindhian and Women’s Era. I have a design for everyone!

Not once but twice, I had the chance to catch people wearing my jewelry while I was shopping in mumbai; Obviously, I didn’t miss the chance to tell them about it. Variety is the spice of Life, and this I have incorporated in my designs! My source of inspiration comes from colours, nature, styles of different personalities, clothes, materials and all things for which one lifetime is not enough to discover!

Forever inspired by colours,
Shyan Kashyap


  1. u hv a very simple and nice way of putting ur thoughts down..
    its good to see someone so young being interested in jewelry deisgn..and congrats on ur deisgns been accepted and worn by such luminaries...
    all the


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