03 September 2017

Of farms & feelings!

               If you are born in the 90s while Windows 98 was making its way into our study rooms it is not surprising, to take comfort in virtual reality. I was living an alternate reality with smurfs, waking up right in time to earn bounty from the fertile patches at smurf village, harvesting for a livelihood and building mushrooms for sheltering my growing village, it was productive, channeling my inner country girl. Video games were one of my addictions because... easy dopamine.

                                 Then I had set out a journey for my career, and there was no looking back(except when I was trapped with an insect) It wasn't as if I had lived under a rock, but when you've lived long enough with your folks, you're never really exposed to any struggle. I'm glad I had to face my own "struggles". It gives you gratitude. Alleviating your menial troubles. The lack of personal interactions on the personal front were compensated by the interactions I had at work, on an average of 10-15 new faces everyday at work(not uncommon when you're in retail). Becoming more connected with my friends that were now long distance friendships, standing the test of time. After a long day, symphonies and mostly soup, were comforting. Learnt how not to be too hard on oneself. I enjoyed the folly of making mistakes and ruminating on it till it would become a precedent.

So let me put this in my best exaggeration, I was thrown at the feet of solitude, with the mounting pressures of the retail world, handling impossible yet intimidating customers, losing my voice, then getting it back, facing unions, learning with co-workers, sometimes feeling loss of control, being at the edge of quarter life crisis, apprehensions, self doubt, alienation.

                  At these times, I remember a lot of people asking me what I did on my off, if I had made new friends(not the right question for an introvert) why I didn't socialize more. All this made me homesick. Instead I had delved into music, I somehow fought the inner demons of my shyness to take the courage to eat out, step out for an event where I only knew the host, not to make 'friends' but just observe(and definitely creeped out few others). My first friend was a 70 year old uncle who spoke a lot about his grandchildren, discussing business with retired Colonels with whom my cheekiness was put to test while we would debate lest I was being disrespectful. I recall one of the many advises from my mentor "No Shyan, you can't be two different people, one at work, and one in person, it doesn't work like that" It took me months to fathom the depth of that seemingly simple statement. I learnt how to incorporate the service orientation of my profession into my personal life. It felt harmonious. Listening to young, old, married, colleagues, customers, vendors, juniors, mentors. Ironically, I was then called to conduct a leadership workshop for young leaders. It almost came full circle, to sum up all the past precedents and discuss it with strangers. It felt empowering.

Emotional Management was a 24x7 job, especially when you're interacting with so many people. Patience, tolerance, putting filters on verbal/virtual communication without losing your intention, being emotionally detached, professionally engaged, understanding the dynamics of teamwork, the vulnerability and pitfalls of leadership, learning to work without another's validation, learning to enjoy leadership to only know that you're only as much in control of your team, as much as you're in control of yourself. All this while my blueberry farms were rotten, much to the dismay of Papa Smurf. Sigh!

One of the Fertile Pastures of Smurf Land

24 January 2017

Leadership Lessons from your Average Preaching Joe

When millenials are working... 

...with millenials, reporting to millenials, serving millenials those are the conversations, spaces, moments where electrifying revelations, information, ideas & epiphanies are occurring.
Each is distinct from the other & although there is still no one formula to work with such dynamic distinctiveness there is only one common thread in this tribe, each is “entitled” Simon Sinek couldn’t have put it any better (I will marry this guy! after getting over myself) And I wonder what kind of emotional intelligence should you possess for millenials to lead millenials.

What excites me about millennial leaders & their stories is that while they’re within many states of “entitlement” themselves & while they may not really get the respect & authority as Gen X leaders command because of the age gap, here lack of thereof, they still manage lead with all the irony. Every millennial has expected that work in a leadership position will become easy, because hell yeah, why won’t everyone be all ears & diligent & coachable… Yes, because, why WILL they? Congratulations on your new Title & welcome to Sparta It is in this state of flux the weighing pressure of quickly defining your leadership style because everyone is waiting to compare you to your predecessors, your baby boomer visionaries or to that xyz sitting on a retirement island, the race to define one’s leadership style can be intimidating.

Because honestly are you asking me if my aggression can make me an authoritative one?

Let’s say ‘All the bridges you came over don’t burn them yet – Nicki Minaj (in a very distasteful profound rap song about stoners & lovers can apply here)

I do tend to ruffle a few feathers every now & then, because you cannot be a successful manager unless you’re a shrewd businessman/woman when situation commands. But perennially commanding into a one-sided relationship with a team, is a sign of weak leadership, ultimately characterizing team culture with fear, defying team spirit & ending up as a one man’s army. Man is a social animal, as much as he craves social esteem he knows better he can’t work in isolation & if you’re a woman in operations, you definitely can’t! (RIP to my feminist ego with this confession) 

Then are you asking me if I want to be a laissez faire leader?!

No, because I’ll be down & out, faster than Miley’s wrecking ball (also a good summary of how all she ever wanted was to break the walls, but how she got wrecked in this seemingly harmless process, a must listen for hapless employees waiting to fall under this beckoning stereotype) I bite my tongue & decide that it is easier to read about this in textbooks than practice it.

As much as everyone would like to be led by one, It is only the calm countenance of this style that inspires me. From my little experience from an entrepreneurship stint to corporate ladders I’m not as entrusting to give the reigns & bet on it. It takes courage to play this gamble & be comfortable with high probability of failure or improvement. As a student studying HR, I always aspired to be known as a laissez-faire leader because it would satisfy my Libran handicap of being liked & loved by humans, animals & furniture. As expected, I for one burnt my hands too soon. I couldn’t match this leadership style with my aggression & excitement for my career.

Ok, then should I do the democratic style?
I think I’ll go with this quote ‘And you said yes, but you should’ve said no’ –Taylor Swift (re-enforcing the feeling of regret & suggesting how you should’ve gone home instead & thought twice before you let it all go)
I will avoid the submissive style because I can’t be passive, at the stake of performance. You’ll be soon losing your voice & lip syncing like Mariah Carey at Times Square.

Oh so why can’t I be the haloed transformational leader?
 Because don’t even get me started on the profundity of transformational leaders, so magnanimous that even if a millennial tries to fit into this leader’s shoes, no mortal will recognize him unless his third eye is opened, forcefully. Ofcourse it will open one day, but when you’re ailing & on a death bed.

The only leadership lesson when you’re overwhelmed by the levels of retail multitasking for all retail slaves leaders is, you “Get on the floor” –JLO (who also took many years & two kids to realize that this was the final solution) Literally, on the retail floor. “Straight to LA, NY, Vegas to Africa”-Pitbull (who signifies the universal application of this practice) Even while you maybe rudely interjected by Pitbull, physical work always recovers the mental equilibrium in retail mayhem.


Yes… all these styles, & I will never conform to em’ stereotypes because I appreciate the scales, the oxymoron, the self-righteous yet open, entrusting yet cautious, conformists yet flexible, loyalists yet liberal, cold professionalism yet empathetic, the bellwether yet underdog. I’ll stick to my leadership style, un-defined & unsung (in any pop song).

10 May 2016

Reaching Self Actualisation

So its been a little less than 2 yrs, from meeting ends, to surviving, to existing, to living by myself, its been a fun roller-coaster. And I wouldn't change anything if I had to...

From that untimely night returning back home to find a domestic deluge (due to a faucet burst) Yes yes, all this just when your feet are numb in retail paralysis. Or just when you thought Ghosts never existed, but this one night with the rustling of the leaves & some plodding noise, you're just so damn sure that they do & only a 4 am call to your dad can convince you they don't.

Nights when you do think someone has broken into your apartment because of some random noises of banging doors... Or in times when there is a huge thunder storm, almost shattering glasses, & you're thinking its your last only to wake up with a feeling of shame at one's illusions.

Above all, nothing like an insect to make u reach the self-actualization stage in Maslow's Hierarchy... making you re-consider why you've made the decisions you made, at the cost of this fateful night... were these decisions worth this night?

Or reasoning with the very existence of one's self (with an insect in the same apartment) Or judging your own will (will to take a shoe & smack something in one go) Then drifting to lives of butchers & their work profile... Then again coming back to your self... Thanking the lord (for not having made the self a butcher) & then thanking him for not having a round of interview to judge one's capabilities & fear before being entrusted with a responsibility only before putting you in front of insects.... Thank Recruiters for that, that would've made life unfair...  Finding the reason of being (an insect's being & all other insects in the world) thinking of co-existence (with an insect)... Reaching self actualization...

Only until you can no longer find the insect... That's when hell breaks lose, & you make your area a fortress & move-on... Just like in Life, we move on... So much!!! just from an insect, that's what they were made for... So that we Move On.

28 November 2015

Travel: Thy Teacher

Time flew, and here we are in November, back to a lot of sleep deprivation coupled with a lot of music to cure that.
Lesson #1: Music, is curing.


Few days ago while returning from a work visit, I had snoozed off with my music on, dappling between conscious & subconscious states only to be startled by Fix You through my headphones, waking the daylights out of me at 30000 feet and consequently startling the passenger next to me because I did look at him, like he had murdered me (only because the acoustics of the song were spine chilling even in my subconscious state)  
Lesson #2: For maintaining airline decorum avoid sleeping with headphones

Just like every year, there comes this defining point, whereby every event is processed in my head as Before XYZ or After XYZ, mostly defined by life altering events like travel, entrepreneurial pursuits or college admissions or university admissions, or sister’s wedding or travel, yes. Mostly, travel. And this year it was my trip to the States, defining my year. Conflicting as it is, at one point you don’t want it to end because the journey is worth awhile, on the other end, you want it to end because you know that the return can be as painful, only directly proportionate to the no. of traveled days...
Lesson #3: Travel among the many things, will give you a new set of eyes

Rushing down my memories were MBA lectures, this time, while I was watching Cirque Du Soleil in Boston. Had read so much about its productions in strategy management class, only to be awed & enthralled by the real thing. Here was a team, the most ideal team, the epitome of synergy, entrusting each other with their timing, their lives, with all those gravity defying stunts, giving their best in those 120mins because they knew better that it will take only that 1 error to change a life, yet even while trying not to do so… changing lives…
Lesson #4: Limitations of any team are only a creation of one’s imagination

Nobody can solely build a market of consumerism without customer service. Being at the heart of retail & service, Americans truly define both aspects. Even if it was the Immigration officer giving service in the form the pleasantries he exchanged (candidly apologizing to my mom for having missed her birthday just a few days ago) the people interaction is a maximized moment of truth.
Lesson #5: When in service, personalize every interaction to improve its tangibility

Visiting MIT & Harvard as a tourist made me quite introspective (not only about my common entrance  scores) but to think of these institutes especially MIT, keep its arms open to tourists, re-enforcing the country’s true vision of freedom, was pretty daunting, making the structure all the more symbolic & beautiful.
Lesson #6: Build a framework for protecting oneself, instead of letting fear change you

Now just when my sister had warned me to not lose my shit when I get to Times Square, I thought I had it all together. But once I was out of the subway, 500 meters away from Times Square, with all disregards to her, I was my restless best. With the high octane energy that no tourist at the square will deny, the blink-and-you-miss-it advertisements that were keeping the street alive… And then, like a memento, I did have my face on a giant screen for few seconds. Courtesy: Revlon, in its attempt to engage the masses with its live interactive snapshots being reflected on a huge screen. In a concrete jungle that had towering monumental buildings that I had probably seen multiple times on my favourite tv shows, this restlessness got even more aggravated on the open air bus tour.
Lesson #7: Thou must listen to sister

Broadway is overwhelming, unflinchingly entertaining, watching these multitalented-opera singers with the drama & dances that a mere mortal is exposed to, one does get this inexplicable feeling that one is now walking out of the show, enriched. Post which we caught up with my sister's friend at his NYC residence, lounging at a terrace with a spectacular view of the lit up concrete jungle, a view that I will always keep with me.
Lesson #8: No matter how inspired you are watching the Opera singers, sleep over it, just in case you think you can become one overnight

Now just when I landed in Vegas, a few hours later, my phone stopped working. Nevertheless I was oblivious to this. Such is Vegas. To add to this, Bellagio's amazing hospitality with complex level of logistics maintained for such a high occupancy hotel & a lavish buffet, an hour long waiting line seemed worth it. What I loved about Vegas, is the stark contrast between the Strip and the rest of Nevada. Both are equally breathtaking, one during the day, the other at night.  
Lesson #9: Things usually happen by design

Ofcourse I am stuck with songs that will now forever be part of my nostalgia. And the Food that I miss everyday, from Cream soda, Thai iced tea, bubble tea, kettle chips, Chipotle’s burritos, L.A Burdick’s hot chocolate, Cheesecake factory’s vanilla caramel cheesecake, Wilson Market’s banana milk, Taro shake, some Sriracha sauce on my vegan burger, & the best of all Gordon Ramsay’s gourmet style junk food & desserts, that are still filling me with regret, how do I put this, Gordon’s style, “The food was SO good! I have to travel all the way from India to eat it”
Credits to my sis & my bro-in-law & all the super hospitable Bostonians… I had the time of my life!
Lesson #10: A place can only be as good as its People

02 April 2015


Indignation makes some people resentful but for me, it makes me more tolerant, if not, mature.

Indignation of your inability (& your innate Libran handicap) to say no, indignation of defending people for their mistakes & owning up to theirs, indignation of implicit male chauvinism, indignation of plagiarism, indignation of putting up a brave front when you’re just as vulnerable as anyone your age, indignation of having to empathize with a sinner, indignation of Not having a social life yet encouraging others to have their own, indignation of being perceived as the stereotype that comes with your post graduation degree(something they forgot to tell us in MBA school), indignation of stinging words that are the outcome of an angered tongue, indignation of wasting those days that you’re not working, in paying your bills, indignation of facing the wrath of bed bugs, that have feasted upon your blood, enough to inspire a George RR Martin book (A feast for crows bed bugs).            

But, with all this indignation comes pride, & I could well be featured on the cover of Forbes… emotionally rich list. Looks like someone up there wasn’t convinced that I knew the meaning of 'indignation', and so wanted to make sure I learnt it the hard way. Hope they’re now convinced. Indignation, is indeed a beautiful word, faced by many but overcome by few...

Here's introducing you to one of my favourite victims of indignation, Tim. (The Life and Times of Tim)

25 July 2014

Started from the bottom

...now we're here... at 20k+ pageviews

Although I believe 20000 is just a number, it was enough to inspire me to break my writer’s block.

In an era where smileys speak louder than words, it goes to say that graphic content is very alluring and so, with much indignation I believe the struggle is real for personal blogs, unlike it is for fashion blogs or beauty blogs which rapidly catch on, since they’re high on pictures. Also fashion bloggers can gauge the response on their blog, for instance if a viewer on a fashion blog comments ‘where can I get a piece of this xyz thing?' the blogger at least knows they’re doing something right. But in personal blogs, nobody gives a chapatti for comments... better to realize that soon enough

Looking back, a quick glimpse at my blog & I realize it is a metaphor of my evolution in the past 5 yrs. Right from excessively varying fonts, unaligned text, excited-teen-travel posts, eulogies for pop stars (that I now cringe at), shooting obsessive pictorial videos (aka channeling my inner Tom Cruise delusions) & some emo-posts thrown in here and there, to the now more impersonal (if not less cheeky) posts, it is only a deeper extraction of my psychological growth. The 'more impersonal' nature of my posts come with prudence gathered over these years of my existence in the virtual world. You know you don’t want a person like me at the behest of social media platforms. 

 a celebratory toast to all my page viewers & 

26 January 2014


I’m not good at telling stories, once when I was very abruptly asked by the lecturer to narrate the story of a movie I had watched, I politely declined, citing I didn’t remember it. I could vision my nose growing longer. I knew better how I could’ve killed it for everyone, an Academy awardee that too. Let’s look at the brighter side of it. Editing is my skill that doesn’t come to use when you got to narrate. That's because, characteristics emoted in the movies deter my verbal process of narration. 

So here I am, attempting at what I never do best- telling you a sitcom story, called AWKWARD.

I must admit, as much as I thought I could draw parallels to the show’s protagonist who’s incidentally a blogger by choice scriptwriters, I realized... we aren’t so similar, for instance when I was 15 I was singing in the assembly choir or working, rather than making out with 2 people and then calling your life awkward. The show is mostly about Jenna (protagonist) having a soliloquy. Wonder if she’s only paid for making these gazillion annoying eyebrow gestures as she ponders more than she speaks. Yup, drawing parallels here.

Ok, we got it, the director wants to portray her as the average girl (for the sake of TV eye candy, but of course she can’t dress like one). That aside, she is dating this school hottie- Matty, on the hide. The scriptwriters have got it mixed up; Matty is more awkward than Jenna. His idiosyncratic sniffing of his under arms before approaching any girl, not exactly is the attribute of the supposed ‘hottie’ he has to portray!

Soon, she realizes she can’t deal with him not going out in public with her, so she gives him the ultimatum, but like every love story, he’s late (late, even when texting, or calling up is just a logical, click away) and she decides to move on. 

Moving on is ok, but with whom? Matty’s bestfriend Jake, she calls this another ‘awkward story’ Funny how MTV thinks that’s awkward, when for normal people that’s just downright conniving. I stopped watching when both the naïve bestfriends still fell for her, friendship at stake. Fortunately for me- no parallels here.

This brings me to awkward reality:

  • When the ex-CEO of a fortune top 5 company, courteously waves to acknowledge your presence even while he doesn’t know your name. Delightfully awkward.

  • Hugging in the name of social obligation and making an accidental “mirror” hug with the opposite sex. Painfully awkward.

  • Progressing to ride the world’s fastest rollercoaster without ever having sat in one. Awkward soon turns to regrettable.

  • Your slipping tongue tells the attendant that you don’t want them too ‘hot’ when you meant to say, you didn’t want them too 'short'. This. After the attendant enquired if you were looking for a pair of “hot shorts”. Consciously avoiding the store ever since.

  • Realizing one’s audacity to dish out relationship advice while staying single.

  • Being asked “which school you are in” at the US consulate and that being made public through a speaker system. Not at all awkward if you were asked the same only 7 yrs back, when you were last in school.

  • When a grammar impoverished person takes offense at the literal meaning after having asked him “So you’re going back for good?”

05 August 2012


Life has changed manifold since the last post. Looking back, days went by in minutes.

The Queen celebrated her 60th anniversary while somewhere someplace Cheyenne'11 celebrated its 10th. Instagram has made the world a smaller place (literally, with its 1:1 size). Rupee weakened against the dollar nonetheless I shopped, the US economy has improved and it happened in that order. Segways are introduced in India. Did you say 4Lakhs?! Somehow buying a ticket to Germany, renting it for 15Euros/hour, returning back gives me more utility. Leisure is now a luxury while day dreaming is no longer an option. 

Lessons learned. When asked, talking about yourself is boring. At the same time, summing up 20yrs of your life under the scrutiny of judgemental eyes,  in words that could give a complex to Obama is no less challenging. And then the lesser important ones like, the fake Longchamp bags doing the rounds is blasphemy to a loyalist. And whichever fashion guru said ‘wear what you feel’ certainly hasn’t tasted felt ecstasy. Cause when you’re happy and you feel like:

you end up like Warhol art. And when pop art fails to be understood you’re most likely to be mistaken for a traffic cop. 
Then again that rekindles my fantasy of becoming a traffic cop in Europe... it is in Europe that cops get to ride Segways on duty.

Talking about delusional people whom I don’t know, why do they blame everything on religion?! It wasn’t scientology… Tom and I can vouch for it… where do you think I was? ...all this while 

29 March 2012


Summer's here & it's so hot in bombay. Current obsession: whites & pastel shades. Either which ways, it does reflect in whatever i make. Thought i'd share a design from my new collection.


For all those people who were waiting for Richard Gere to finally go senile, congratulations, you need not wait any longer. The man is in need & I'm sending him a dvd of Pretty Woman to revive his memory, or maybe he's just doing modesty... wrong? He called it a 'silly romcom' His raison d'etre- 'it glorifies the wall street financiers' Sorry Richard, you got it all wrong...

27 March 2012

Translate please

Just when i thought i've had my share,

27 February 2012

Heaven is a place on earth with you

Mind you these are things which I’m normally shy to discuss in person but then blogging serves the purpose, the only thing I’ve to face is a screen. So I thought it’s time to put my rather questionable hobby to some productive use which can also be described as this borderline obsession over Tom Cruise. I’m going through this delusional phase. I’d like to believe that this too shall pass.

After all… we’re just good friends

Prom nights & all the fanfare that goes in dressing up for it… nah! Somehow I’m not carved out to be that girl who falls for that pretty boy whose love story ends just when he asks you out. And it’s better left that way. Now I believe that life has more meaning when you’re going on an adrenaline rushing adventure with Ethan Hunt climbing buildings & jumping off them with élan even while the harness gives way or a grenade has been set off. Nonchalance my dear, is attractive.

I find more meaning in setting out for a mission difficult impossible (difficult should be a cakewalk)

Life is not perfect. And man errs(sexist, I know) So eventually there’s a glitch in everything we do, but it is only spontaneity & presence of mind that can save us even in the most dangerous situations. For eg. Someday when you’re important enough to be chasing the Interpol, throwing yourself at a train may seem a better option. Then there are people like Ethan Hunt. He will chase the Interpol & win them back with such agility and grace.

So, I guess my calling is in being an espionage agent & indulging in some daredevilry. Don’t mistake me for the girl who wants a superhero at her dispense. I want to accompany the superhero in these missions. I want to be an equal. I want to be Shyan Hunt.

What you’re about to see is in interest of my unhealthy infatuation.

02 February 2012

Keeping up with the Kashyaps

Ya, me & my sister are going to have our own reality show, the indian media has become inquisitive what with so many co-incidences such as my sister sharing her birthday with Kim... we've got an offer to sell photo rights of our marriages to an indian tabloid well in advance... they've taken it upon themselves to find the grooms... even better.
The title is an influence of the recurring nature of Ks in ms.Kashyap at Kochi in Kerala while the former was just her, kidding.

Never mind I missed my much sought after icon, Anna Dello Russo just by a week, I was still looking forward to Kerala. For a north Indian going down south is an adventure in itself especially if months of tedious monotony(read: an arduous cycle of waking up to worldly pursuits & going to sleep) have tired her.

So I was back again in this exciting place. The cinema leaves me inquisitive & the food is sumptuous leaving me ravenously appetitive...

Inconsistent as it may sound but ships in Kochi go to & fro like it’s nobody’s business!
The continuous flow of integrated logistics all through the night, quite apparent from my window had me rapt. I was busy counting ship containers being lifted by cranes as tall as buildings. How something as mechanical could be this beautiful! Then again here was someone who had gotten away from arduous monotony.

All that glitters…
There is a feeling of exuberance in witnessing women extravagantly buying gold which can’t be shared otherwise. Karl Lagerfeld would understand. Which again makes me realize how i love jewelry unconditionally!

Glad to be born an Indian for there are few places in the world where a woman can get away with wearing opulent amounts of gold in such great taste. Hats off to them, it takes great skill to select that design which complements you a 100% amongst a variety of others that are a 0.01% less complementary. Yes, those are the odds...

We’re at the end of this post & there's… karl lagerfeld, ships, anna dello russo, gold, logistics, percentages… sigh… all in 1 post. No it’s not confusion...

'It is one hell of a holiday'

06 November 2011

Letting go...

The hardest thing in life is not growing up but letting go. Nobody can teach you how to let go. Not that the former can be taught either, but atleast it can be more or less left to nature.

letting go of dreams, of habits, of inhibitions! You question your chase for an enticing moon which  on closer look is plain rock...

What is eating you up from inside are a million re-considerations, to know that you’ll have to get used to a ‘change’ is the least bit comforting. It doesn’t matter whoever tells you it is bad for you, it takes only 1 person to finally make you realize it, yourself.

However, this self realization is not something that strikes by looking into a mirror. Neither does it come by watching the sunset, nor by throwing pebbles in still water bodies.

It just happens. You could be listening to music, you could be dancing & you just know it, you come to terms with yourself.You want to move on. That day, you grow up (a birthday in the real sense)

This is what October does to me. A whirlwind of a month! So eventful! One day it is exciting, the other- liberating, insightful, nostalgic, pensive, festive probably, not in the same order.

And whirlwind it sure was, for someone,
                                                     who was pursuing a chase...

14 September 2011

I'm a woman & when I think

                                                               ...I must speak

Amongst the varied choice this millenium has to offer, I admit that i do have a fever for this lady...

If there is 1 person who represents a woman physically, mentally, & emotionally more than anybody else then she is undoubtedly Beyonce.

If you’re as crazy in love with her live performances on the web & gets goose bumps as a reflex everytime she has sung 'Halo' then you know what I’m talking about! I love singing trying to mouth the ill-fated notes of 'Dangerously in love'. Right since teenage, naively taking pleasure in singing “Naughty girl” inspite of the misappropriate age for lyrics like that, i've been in love with her work.

Calling a woman like her 'hot' is a cheap ascription to someone who is more than just that! When she wears those rocks on her ears, she's nothing less than a goddess who has been adorned. Not to forget- Big crazy Beyonce hair, is something I LOVE!

She's such an inspiration to women, that it can scare a man. She’s a power-house, who can sing without ever missing a single note while dancing like a lady on fire.
She has already proved how modest she is after she got married to JAY-Z. You are allowed to think of me as a malicious brat for having said such a thing, but that only means…

                                                 ...you have NOT seen JAY-Z.

03 July 2011

Me & my faux pas

I’m the kind of person who finds her foot in the puddle more often than not! It’s called waking up on the wrong side of the bed!

Days when...
--- I, already having run into a news reporter in my bid to speak to a corporate bigwig, I raced to meet this formidable man in my heels later realizing that if my speed per footstep had increased even by a fraction, I would've, much to the entertainment of media and corporate guests, had a head-on collision with HIM!

--- I happened to meet my professor after a few years only to realize that having asked him “You’re STILL teaching at xyz classes?” is not the least bit polite.

--- I, in my sheer innocence (& a little bit of blindness) usually end up mistaking a random guy as a salesman while in the store!

--- in a Q&A round, telling an international singer to do an album with Gareth Gates, just because I was fond of him. Yes I was 11 & I was telling HER, Tata Young, a singing sensation with a million followers to her credit! Its called the early setting-in of cheeky-ness!

---when I take the effort to make an English toast coated with a generous amount of imported cheese (usually reserved by indulgent parents for spoilt kids)
          Walking on the road, I end up getting stranded while the dogs sense my pleasure in eating it & continue their pursuit in harassing me. In my flustered state (as if the strong wind wasn’t enough distraction) I decide to get rid of either the wind or the dogs. Since nature can’t be defied. I consider the latter... and in my most well bred manner place my toast on the side walk. Wait a minute!
                                         Did they just sniff it & haughtily walk away?! (defying nature could’ve been more fruitful) Dear cheese, forgive me for the torment. My love for you explains why I can get so cheesy…

--- falling into a pond of moss is not as bad as coming out of it... to face jeering classmates while your still at an impressionable age. Even more belittled after having to wear the most ill fitting change of clothes brought for me!

From my detailed descriptions, one must conclude that the grass is not always greener on the other side... atleast not on my side... 

12 June 2011

10 things you want to ask!

This is neither a blog that criticizes movies, passing verdicts on god-may-care-less-for-innovations nor a ‘let’s discuss Rebecca Black’ So let me get this answered once and for all-

1) its…
decently pleasurable stuff straight from a little woman’s mouth... not pertaining to physical pleasures.

2) target audience…
may not necessarily be someone who agrees to what I write. There’s a method in all this madness of sharing with unknown people. They are mostly people who can bear my illicit cheekiness dominating my articles.

3) what happened to ‘my passions…’ the jewelry part of it?
I’m not a fan of bloggers trying to sell things all the time, let’s leave blogs to blogs.

4) the pics…
show my mood when I’m writing something or readers would assume I’ve appointed a PR agent to speak on my behalf.

5) people say…
‘so who reads your blog?’ honestly, I don't know, which is why it is all the more exciting

6) propagating feminism?
who me???? There are days when I wish I could be part of the males, for girls can have this hidden CRUELLA in them that gets unmasked occasionally. So I’m not a feminist. No man is my enemy, after all, he is someone’s son (then again all boys are not MEN)

7) usp of the blog…
I make headlines when I give out insider details that even make JULIAN ASSANGE insecure.

8) why blog?
It’s a form of expression; not to forget, the cheap thrills when you cross 100 page views in a week. Beautiful women who have nothing to say are so dull! I didn’t want to be DULL(this is exactly why I warned you in (2) about how illicit it gets)

9) inspiration?
the fact that sometimes i feel like im talking to a computer screen is inspiration enough

10) why this pic?
I can always bank on a certain section of people to read my content with pics like these. No! they are not my friends! They are the same people as mentioned in (4)
Where do you think they will land up searching for ‘girl in her bedroom’ ?

01 June 2011

When we committed Animal cruelty...

(luckily minors can't be charged or we'd be guilty for an offense)
One of the few days when my mom is grateful for the OCD that strikes in me, I take to cleaning my drawer, which like always, brings out fossils. But this time it was different... I couldn’t bring myself to throw this valuable fossil. It reminded me of my childhood spent with partner in crime- my sister!

For most part of my life that I’ve lived with my sister we’ve fought just like other siblings on trivial things …and there it was in front of my eyes, so easy for me to grab… for she would never know about them going MISSING… But it became meaningless now for I didn’t have to share it with her… (in economic terms- their marginal cost had reduced to nothing)
We would scrupulously divide our odd number of jelly sweets so that neither of us (even by God’s intervention) got a millimeter extra. What love! Those were the small things in life… nonetheless they created memories.

Which brings me back to why I started this, from marshmallows to the tiniest of gummy bears that were mercilessly slaughtered & cut to ‘divide’ among us, we shared our favourite things. At times, generous enough to donate a whole non-dissected bear to the 3rd party aka mom & dad. (god bless us our magnanimous souls)

What those gummy bears didn’t know were that they were being sacrificed to create memories & a bond of high tensile strength.

Amen to the slaughtered bears...

21 April 2011

Some girls can fly!

Never seen you shine so bright
Never seen so many people wanting to be there by your side & when you turn to me and smile
you took my breath away
...lady in red 

The whole idea of a woman wearing red is so glamourized… how some dresses can give us wings to fly! So when a lotus-eater like me starts dreaming, you know that her mind will dangerously wander to other things- ball gowns, red carpet gowns, cocktail dresses, prom dresses, sundresses, dinner dresses... starting an all together new list of wants. And I make this list after a hearty session of shopping.

Considering that i'm skilled at finding the levity of any situation, i'll say it’s ok! people commit bigger sins.

1. The Exculpable Red dress

I’m talking no ordinary dress here but only ‘Valentinos’. A red gown can serve as an excuse for ANYTHING! Even if you're the one that stole candy from a kid.

From the designer whose red gowns are his magnum opus. They can even make a mannequin dance. No one does red better than him.

Pardoxically, a sinfully red Valentino is forgiving!

2. The Bandage

It appears like you’ve been held while they’d carefully wrap the bandages around your body.

Herve Leger does them in different shades & the result is a dress perfectly molded onto your body. I prefer the shimmering 1 worn by the ‘nobody can do bling better’ JLO!

3. The Eloquent Outfit

If an award was to be given to clothes that are most expressive, it would go to everything that Manish Arora has ever created.

I’d barely finished school & I was already eyeing a Manish Arora creation. Forever on my wish list! I think I might have to throw a party just to celebrate it.

PS: Manish is another reason to take pride in the Indian Fashion Industry. Especially if your a fan of WEARABLE ART.

4.The 'I AM OBSESSED' dress

I’m among the many men out there who are obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. To the extent that i would have been charged with stalking her if only we had her among us.

Attention: do not mistake my fascination for idolizing her. I’m not good at singing happy birthday neither do I have an affinity towards politicians *wink*

5. The Sympathetic White dress

There’s something about white that makes me at ease even if I’m having a bad hair day OR bad face day OR bad mood day OR bad work day OR any day.

Its a sympathetic piece of cloth that can rid the malice off you.

The adventurer in me will always opt for an LWD instead of the safer, LBD.

6. The Classic Ballgown

If you think of Jane Austen characters as your ancestors just like I do then I’m sure you’ve imagined yourself a million times wearing those ball gowns while a certain Mr. Darcy / Mr. Knightley asks you for a dance.

But who would care to be asked when wearing it itself would keep you beaming (even if you’re called to clean the dishes at the ball)

7. The Sari Dress
It’s ok! You are not the only one who has sinfully dreamt of those saris lying in your mom’s trunk to be stitched into a cute dress. This is the toughest item to get from the entire list.

Welcome to the ‘evil daughter’ club. I’ll keep your secret just don’t get your mom to my blog.

8. The Majescule Fantasy Dress

The fashionable Marie Antoinette who resided in the grand Versailles Palace wore gowns that were nothing less than a fantasy for every girl.

...I can visualize myself in it while the butler comes to serve me a 3 tiered cake, cookies & tea while I look at the Eiffel tower from the french windows, then dismiss him not before ordering him to cancel the ball...

The gown could house a beggar!

9. The Fierce dress

"She looks like a flower but she stings like a bee ...Like every girl in history"

All women have that fierce side to our misleading exterior. This dress spells power. Just like the Roksanada Illinic outfit that I wore in my previous posts & then 2nd handed down to Ash.

There’s nothing that can beat the pleasure in wearing a fierce outfit. It feels super woman-ish! It helps when you want to put off somebody who intimidates you. Just put on your fierce dress & watch how the tables turn.

10. The morbidly fascinated with Kitty dress

A kitty dress would be unfathomable for ordinary mortals. It would be tough explaining them the art of deriving happiness from it!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. I envy Gaga.
Have I thought of a place to where it? tough one but I know even if I’ve to wear it & stroll at home all day it would give me the kicks.

oops how did I forget that I already have one of these. 9 to go!

Whoever thought that Marilyn & Kitty cannot be on the same list is mistaken.
As Michael Buble puts it, ‘so you want to be a rockstar but you have bunnies in your bed’ -thats me!

12 March 2011

Timeout Magazine

how silly of me for not haiving shared this before... Well here it is, the feature in Timeout, dated- Jan issue...

Like the official Cheyenne'11 page on http://en-gb.facebook.com/pages/Cheyenne11-Jewelry-by-Shyan-Kashyap/122202087802281?v=app_2392950137

09 March 2011

The Annoying breed!

I was walking down the street, alone. The silence was now disturbing, clutching my bag so hard it was begging for mercy when suddenly… it happened. My heart was in my mouth. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was a heist committed in broad daylight. There was nobody around me. I felt my blood running cold. I thought I was dreaming until… it struck me,

                             ...that I wasn’t!(for nobody smells waffles while dreaming) It’s happening! I am actually walking on a street. And that annoying breed of cat was stalking me! once again.

…those copy'Cats'

Seeing those feathers (which I had passionately blogged about) on a huge billboard! They say cats have 9 lives but I can vouch that this breed has far more. For they keep crossing my path. But now, I'm wiser, stronger, taller (PS: Boost is not the secret of my energy) And I will take all this in my stride like always.

It’s not even funny that I had it as my Facebook dp fo more than a month in early Dec while VOGUE INDIA was out in Feb!
Million dollar question, ‘Could the Vogue Fashion Editor from my friend list have taken inspiration?’

I’m not even complaining… after all… isn’t it a disguised form of flattery?

Look at her, trying to outdo me! They put my used outfit on the world’s most beautiful woman and thought it could look any different... Silly people 

 NOW The original- http://shyankashyap.blogspot.com/2010/12/i-found-my-model.html


24 February 2011

Behind every success...

...was first a rejection, a bruised ego, a fire to prove yourself, a race track to catch your dream. Blinkers on your eyes, you shoot out, but along the process of chasing it you realize it is no longer a question of your ego, the ego invariably shakes off & you enjoy the chase.

                       You wade through the waters. Afterall, all great innovations are built on rejections! You realize your destiny is a conspiracy, how it intentionally throws at you unexpected situations out of which you MAY come out as a winner OR you may have to learn the hard way!
(OR might as well come to terms with your unintentional urge to put your foot in your mouth - as in my case)

You don’t want to be the big fish in the pond. Rather be the small fish in a sea. After all there is far more adventure in those salty waters.

That’s when you learn the difference between being passionate and being ambitious. An ambitious man is pleasant only for awhile.
..............................That’s also when you realize you're getting too philosophical & your a grandma at 19!
..............................Much to the tired eyes of the grandma- nite nite!

17 January 2011

Confessions of a 40kg multi-tasker

Whoever thought that modeling is a cakewalk, let me give you a bite. Posing for 200 snaps in a 20 by 20 sq foot area is not all that creamy as it seems.

woke up at 8- rushed to college- invariably turned up late despite ALL my efforts- rushed for makeup- lipstick went awry- friend came to the rescue- supposedly all set- got accidently punched by a woman (who had this random urge to fling her arms in the sky just when I crossed her path) strong women like these shouldn’t be exposed in public (felt like my eyeball was going to pop off the socket)- Checked my bruised eye- “everything’s fine”- reached the studio- forgot lunch- got scolded for the same.

awaiting me was a 4 hr shoot- flattered to have 3 grown ups at my disposal- arc lights blinding my cornea- smiling till jaws hurt- asked to continue- 3hrs- still have my shoulders squared- wrap up- returned to home sweet home with a spine as stiff as Barbie. Felt like I was totally worth it (having said that, I’ve not yet got my cheque from LOREAL)

Designers always work behind the scenes & getting recognized once in awhile is flattering. Yeah that's exactly what you don't read in between the lines, that I love every minute of my work. Indeed tired but as content as a kid who comes home from play.

The only difference in life when I was 11 to where I am now is that- ‘now when I have 10 things to do, life gives you 20 more’
No complaints, I'll do them all (doesn't quite sound the way i wanted it to)

PS: women never disclose their weight... but this is what you get for being on my blog... another WikiLeak..

06 January 2011

KittyLeaks: I get the truth out

Today I’ll be leaking out the true story behind my Kitty that has been leaked. Caution fellow kitty-ites! The following content may get you teary-eyed.

I’ve been depressed lately my face speaks it, I went into gloom when my parcel for SANRIO Kitty turns out to be lighter & lesser than what was originally sent from USA.
(why I mention Sanrio is because they are the original Kitty merchandise makers which make these KITTIES darn expensive & more disheartening)
                                                  This is not the 1st time Indian postal services have SHOPLIFTED  Envelope-Lifted my stuff! They define the words ‘petty thieves’. I mean how cruel can you get?! Stealing dainty kitties = stealing CANDY  IPOD from a kid. Not cool people! not cool!

It doesn’t end here, here’s the mystery of the 10 MISSING WISHES… Not even Sherlock Holmes can solve.

Since my birthday fell on 10-10-10, I was super excited with my luck, so my sister sent me 10 birthday cards with a message in each but in the transit I got only 3. Drawing me to the conclusion that-

1) either there are kids at the post office waiting to swipe anything sent for Shyan Kashyap
2) the crafty officials are planning to open a gift shop very soon.

                                     Me thinks that I should take my girly parade and ransack the post office! ( yeah i already have my grudges against the Post Office courtesy: overvalued custom duty that i had to shell out!)                         
Oh! By the way, I started my new year with a spiritual note and I just learned that one shouldn’t be attached to materialistic things… and certainly not when the material is kitty (gulping my sob as I say that)