Of farms & feelings!

If you are born in the 90s while Windows 98 was making its way into our study rooms it is not surprising, to take comfort in virtual reality. I was living an alternate reality with smurfs, waking up right in time to earn bounty from the fertile patches at smurf village, harvesting for a livelihood and building mushrooms for sheltering my growing village, it was productive, channeling my inner country girl. Video games were one of my addictions because... easy dopamine.

                                 Then I had set out a journey for my career, and there was no looking back(except when I was trapped with an insect) It wasn't as if I had lived under a rock, but when you've lived long enough with your folks, you're never really exposed to any struggle. I'm glad I had to face my own "struggles". It gives you gratitude. Alleviating your menial troubles. The lack of personal interactions on the personal front were compensated by the interactions I h…

Leadership Lessons from your Average Preaching Joe

When millenials are working... 
...with millenials, reporting to millenials, serving millenials those are the conversations, spaces, moments where electrifying revelations, information, ideas & epiphanies are occurring. Each is distinct from the other & although there is still no one formula to work with such dynamic distinctiveness there is only one common thread in this tribe, each is “entitled” Simon Sinek couldn’t have put it any better (I will marry this guy! after getting over myself) And I wonder what kind of emotional intelligence should you possess for millenials to lead millenials.
What excites me about millennial leaders & their stories is that while they’re within many states of “entitlement” themselves & while they may not really get the respect & authority as Gen X leaders command because of the age gap, here lack of thereof, they still manage lead with all the irony. Every millennial has expected that work in a leadership position will become easy,…

Reaching Self Actualisation

So its been a little less than 2 yrs, from meeting ends, to surviving, to existing, to living by myself, its been a fun roller-coaster. And I wouldn't change anything if I had to...

From that untimely night returning back home to find a domestic deluge (due to a faucet burst) Yes yes, all this just when your feet are numb in retail paralysis. Or just when you thought Ghosts never existed, but this one night with the rustling of the leaves & some plodding noise, you're just so damn sure that they do & only a 4 am call to your dad can convince you they don't.

Nights when you do think someone has broken into your apartment because of some random noises of banging doors... Or in times when there is a huge thunder storm, almost shattering glasses, & you're thinking its your last only to wake up with a feeling of shame at one's illusions.

Above all, nothing like an insect to make u reach the self-actualization stage in Maslow's Hierarchy... making you re…

Travel: Thy Teacher

Time flew, and here we are in November, back to a lot of sleep deprivation coupled with a lot of music to cure that. Lesson #1: Music, is curing.
Few days ago while returning from a work visit, I had snoozed off with my music on, dappling between conscious & subconscious states only to be startled by Fix You through my headphones, waking the daylights out of me at 30000 feet and consequently startling the passenger next to me because I did look at him, like he had murdered me (only because the acoustics of the song were spine chilling even in my subconscious state)   Lesson #2: For maintaining airline decorum avoid sleeping with headphones

Just like every year, there comes this defining point, whereby every event is processed in my head as Before XYZ or After XYZ, mostly defined by life altering events like travel, entrepreneurial pursuits or college admissions or university admissions, or sister’s wedding or travel, yes. Mostly, travel. And this year it was my trip …


Indignation makes some people resentful but for me, it makes me more tolerant, if not, mature.
Indignation of your inability (& your innate Libran handicap) to say no, indignation of defending people for their mistakes & owning up to theirs, indignation of implicit male chauvinism, indignation of plagiarism, indignation of putting up a brave front when you’re just as vulnerable as anyone your age, indignation of having to empathize with a sinner, indignation of Not having a social life yet encouraging others to have their own, indignation of being perceived as the stereotype that comes with your post graduation degree(something they forgot to tell us in MBA school), indignation of stinging words that are the outcome of an angered tongue, indignation of wasting those days that you’re not working, in paying your bills, indignation of facing the wrath of bed bugs, that have feasted upon your blood, enough to inspire a George RR Martin book (A feast for crows bed bugs).����������…

Started from the bottom

Image we're here... at 20k+ pageviews
Although I believe 20000 is just a number, it was enough to inspire me to break my writer’s block.
In an era where smileys speak louder than words, it goes to say that graphic content is very alluring and so, with much indignation I believe the struggle is real for personal blogs, unlike it is for fashion blogs or beauty blogs which rapidly catch on, since they’re high on pictures. Also fashion bloggers can gauge the response on their blog, for instance if a viewer on a fashion blog comments ‘where can I get a piece of this xyz thing?' the blogger at least knows they’re doing something right. But in personal blogs, nobody gives a chapatti for comments... better to realize that soon enough
Looking back, a quick glimpse at my blog & I realize it is a metaphor of my evolution in the past 5 yrs. Right from excessively varying fonts, unaligned text, excited-teen-travel posts, eulogies for pop stars (that I now cringe at), shooting obsess…


I’m not good at telling stories, once when I was very abruptly asked by the lecturer to narrate the story of a movie I had watched, I politely declined, citing I didn’t remember it. I could vision my nose growing longer. I knew better how I could’ve killed it for everyone, an Academy awardee that too. Let’s look at the brighter side of it. Editing is my skill that doesn’t come to use when you got to narrate. That's because, characteristics emoted in the movies deter my verbal process of narration. 
So here I am, attempting at what I never do best- telling you a sitcom story, called AWKWARD.
I must admit, as much as I thought I could draw parallels to the show’s protagonist who’s incidentally a blogger by choice scriptwriters, I realized... we aren’t so similar, for instance when I was 15 I was singing in the assembly choir or working, rather than making out with 2 people and then calling your life awkward. The show is mostly about Jenna (protagonist) having a soliloquy. Wonder if sh…